Too Late


The film tells the story of 4 young rich kids who spend their time in a destructive and banal way.

Discontented and bored by their own mediocre life, they decide to get new stimuli by doing a robbery.

Things will get bad when, once they get home, they will receive a nasty surprise.

The group will be forced to face an unexpected danger.

Director: Luca Mazzara
Cast: Riccardo Marzuoli, Michela Grimaldi, Uda Morel, Priscilla Pagliaricci, Renato Nassi.
Screen-play: Luca Mazzara
Director's assistant: Francesca Dantone
Dop: Gabriel Cash
Editing: Gabriel Cash
Edition secretary: Valentina Gravili
Direct sound engineer: Luca Ranieri
Make-up: Elisabetta La Mattina
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 20'