Operazione Avalanche


Operation Avalanche freely inspired to The silence of the fighter of Rossella Milone. Special mention to the Festival in Venice with the Bookciak Prize, Action!



To sun twenty-four hours from the official opening of the Festival in Venice 73, the section independent Days of the Authors 2016, the V has entertained edition of Bookciak Action!. The prizes have been delivered during the pre-inaugural supper of the festival unwound himself/herself/themselves to the Villa of the Authors to the videomakers Rosa Maietta for Vorago freely inspired to The silence of the fighter of Rossella Milone. Alexander Padovani for Haapar freely inspired to Snow, dog, foot of Claudio Morandini and Denise Dacquì for Shouting freely inspired to You.

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When the cinema meets the literature: here the winners of the edition 2016, entertained to the Venice Days.

With Ascanio Celestini president of jury Bookciak, Action! it announces the winners of the V edition of the Prize, entertained, as every year, from the Venice Days.  It deals with the only national prize devoted to the meeting between cinema and literature, through the bookciaks movies, video of maximum three minutes, inspired to the novels of the bank www.bookciak.it you date, base-showcase for employees of the Italian fiction more "cinematografabile", run to become covers of author for him and-book. Otherwise from the books trailers, the bookciaks movies, formed entirely innovative and experimental, they aim to exalt the emotional and visionary aspects of the written pages.  Also this year are three the selected books to inspire the bookciaks movies: The silence of the fighter of Rossella Milone I edit from minimum fax that, through you are lightening stories, it conducts us toward a marvelous sentimental education to the female one. To choose the winning bookciaks of this V edition has been Ascanio Celestini, as president of jury, placed side by side by Wilma Labate, Teresa Marchesi and Gianluca Arcopinto. In the past years you/they have belonged to the jury of Bookciak Ugo Gregoretti, Citto Maselli, Ettore Scola, Gabriele Salvatores. The Bookciak prize, Action! you/he/she is organized by the Cultural association Calipso and from Bookciak Magazine (www.bookciakmagazine.it), the first journalistic heading devoted to the interlacement between cinema and literature, directed by Gabriella Gallozzi. This edition of the some prize has been made possible graces to the support of Mibact, 8 and 1/2, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Rome Lazio Film Commission, Spi-CGIL and the collaboration of the Days of the Authors and SNGCI.

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Festival in Venice 2016: I reward Bookciak Action! The only one to cross cinema and literature

The winners of the Bookciak Prize, Action! 2016 have just been announced and you/they will be celebrated soon, the evening of the pre-inauguration of the Festival of the Cinema in Venice 2016, during a supper to invitations in the Villa of the Authors, to the Beach. Twenty-four hours before the official ouverture of #Venezia73 (with the projection of You You Land and his/her protagonists Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the Great Room, but without supper and party in beach for solidarity with the terremotatis of the Central Appennino), the section independent Days of the Authors 2016ospita the fifth edition of the Bookciak Prize, action! the only one in Italy to cross cinema and literature. Not by chance, among the organizers there is Bookciak Magazine. In In contest there in fact the bookciaks movies: : video long maximum 3 minutes inspired to the novels of the library you date of www.bookciak.it. Don't confuse them with the booktrailerses: the bookmovieses, just as the movieses, him assembled on the emotions and visions inspired by the written pages. This year the inspiring novels have been The silence of the fighter of Rossella Milone published by minimum fax, Snow, dog, foot of Claudio Morandini (Exorma editions) and You not to keep silent of Fulvio Ervas (Marcos y Marcos). The judges of this edzione are Ascanio Celestini (president of jury), the director Wilma Labate, the journalist Teresa Marchesi and the producer Gianluca Arcopinto. In 2013, in jury there was Ettore Scola to which this edition of Bookciack, Action! it makes with an assemblage of images free. Eccovi the winners of the Bookciak Prize, Action! 2016 just announced: Pink Maietta (Benevento, 1990) for Vorago, freely inspired to The silence of the fighter Alexander Padobvani (Pedavena, Belluno, 1993) for Haapar liberamemte inspired to Snow, dog, foot of Claudio Morandini Denise Dacquì (Palermo, 1989) for Shouting freely inspired to You not taceredi Fulvio Ervas Mentions special to Luca Mazzara (Rome, 1973) for Operation Avalancheliberamente inspired to The silence of the fighter of Rossella Milone, and to Alexander Asciutto (Athens 1988) for it dances her of the love freely always inspired to the same novel.

Source: Text Antonella Catena - 30 agosto 2016- AMICA