Written and directed by Luca Mazzara

Privacy, your last film, is an evident demonstration that to make good cinema it's not necessarily serves millionaire productions; tell us your experience behind the camera.

The adventure of Privacy was born from a screen-play that I had begun to write one year ago. I had intention to direct my efforts toward the mechanisms of the human psyche. I have always impassioned me matters as the perception, the mind, the existence and the identity, aspects that involve whoever to the world. The challenge was that to succeed in inserting the everything in a context of relationship to two.

Privacy in fact it inhales to be a psychological thriller. I have wanted to play a lot with the space and with the time in relationship to the protagonist without feeling me in obligation to follow some precise rules. The film has a proper language, there is use of the images that gives a sense of restlessness to the spectators. The idea of the film is born from two demands: on one side, the necessity to find in a history, at the same time realistic and metaphoric, the way to speak of the relationship of a couple, are we individuals that in relationship we must absorb in an Unicum or we have to maintain own identities? ?

In a world that more and more has the tendency to create occasions of contamination and identity crisis ; from the other the desire to tell a thematic very important for my life and very symbolic: today the human being has a great necessity, to find again his own identity, the society by now extends to alienate us and the space becomes narrow more and more. All these motivations have brought me to tell and to put in evidence this trial.

I still remember, years ago, my meeting with a friend that could be Carla. She complained a lot of the fact that her boyfriend neglected always her to enter on his isolated world. I have started from this history trying to imagine her life. .

Extract from Luca Mazzara's interview written by Federico Massa

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Director: Luca Mazzara
Cast: Cristiana Mecozzi, Mario Scerbo, Donatella Ciardulli.
Screen-play: Luca Mazzara
Dop: Gabriel Cash
Editing: Gabriel Cash
Music: Gabriel Maldonado
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 20'

The short took part in festivals