Luca Mazzara

Luca Mazzara born in Rome, on July 22 1973.

He is a professional photographer, movie director, video artist and poet.

Inherits the passion for the photography from his father Gaetano that was an amateur photographer and poet. 

Luca makes his first shots with a "land camera 500" of the Polaroid.

Primarily a portraitist, he also devotes him jerky type documentaristic and naturalistic, careful to the experimentations and the expressive possibilities of the photographic language. 

In the last period his poetic directs him through a project which concerns the human face approached to elements of contrast.

The years immediately after the high school are an important period, years that bring him to discover the great passion for the cinema and the recitation.

In 1994 he frequents a course of recitation at the school of theater "Circo a Vapore" directed by Emmanuel Gallot-Gavallée.

He enrolled at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy and graduated in "Performing Arts" in the Cinema sector at La Sapienza University of Rome.

Contemporary to the university starts one of the most important phases for his formation: he begins to write subjects for the cinema, to work on some sets and to deal of movie direction; it will be Rome the place in which he starts assiduously work as director.

After the degree he achieves a master in cinema distribution at the Anica.

In 2012 he make one's debut with the short film "Incanto Vivo" and in 2013 he realizes other two works: "Too Late" and "Privacy." Then subsequently with "Svegliati Alice!" and the last one "Arancina Meccanica." 

He realized some video projects that in the specific are a small experiments in key oniric and surreal.

In 2016 at the Festival of the Cinema in Venice on the occasion of the “Premio Bookciak, Azione!” he has received a special mention for his short "Operazione Avalanche."

At the moment he is busy to write a screen-play for his first feature film and to complete a documentary on the world of dance.

He has collaborated, as set photographer for the Teatro in Scatola in three occasions:

  -     "Today's music" a festival of concerts about electronic music.
  -     The festival "I Teatri del profano" in collaboration with il Cantiere e il teatro di Documenti.
  -     The “Festival Internazionale di Installazioni Luminose” with the collaboration of NERO.

Other works:

  -     Personal photo shoot at the Modigliani Forum in Livorno in 2014 for the occasion of the visit of the Dalai Lama. 
  -     For the Comune di Roma a photoshoot for the event "Parole Escluse" on the occasion of the World Day Of the Poetry (founded by the Unesco).
  -     Publication of his photos in the Book: "Shylock e il suo mercante" by V. Pavoncello, on the occasion of the Notte dei Musei 2016 - Museo Carlo Bilotti – Rome
  -     Photo on the cover of the book: “Il pensiero musicale sistemico”by Walter Branchi. 
  -     Publication of his photographic shot in the third volume of the "Borgia Film Festival, l'arte che lega le arti".
  -     Realization of his personal photographic exhibition entitled: "Foot on Face" at the gallery "La Nacional" of New York.
  -     Member of the jury at the Vision Film Festival 2019.