Svegliati Alice!

Written and directed by Luca Mazzara

Alice, a young painter, suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness.
A nice trouble because it causes an irresistible impulse to fall asleep in the most common circumstances. Later, he will find out that it is Narcolepsy.
This real disease, for which no cure has yet been discovered, leads it to have serious difficulties of adaptation.
A remote hope seems to find it only through his dreams. For some time, a mysterious presence, contacts her through dreams trying to communicate her something.
Through a strange journey between dream and reality, Alice will look for the key that will allow her to open the secret door that directly accesses her subconscious and finally make her past clear.

Director: Luca Mazzara
Cast: Claudia D'Amico, Francesco Bauco, Daniele Antonini, Matteo Micheli
Screen-play: Luca Mazzara
Dop: Angelo Stramaglia
Editing: Gabriel Cash
Sound: Stefano Savino
Mixer Audio: Claudio Spinelli
Year of production: 2014
Duration: 17’

The short took part in festivals