Incanto Vivo

Written and directed by Luca Mazzara

The world is full of dreamers. And Armando [Roberto Tesconi] is one of these. His life is serene precisely because imaginative, but at the same time simple. His visionary qualities go well with the more specifically romantic aspect of his character. So it happens that, at a certain point, daydreaming dreams mix with those made with eyes closed, thus creating an intense and equally joyous parallel life. Armando's dream leads him towards a metaphor, in which the water that flows from a precise fountain in a park is assimilated to the image of a beautiful girl [Francesca Stizzo]. It is her new reason for living. In her Armando sees herself, her illusions, her delusions, and with her she would like to fill a need for love, a need much greater than the thirst fulfilled by the fountain.

Luca Mazzara directs Incanto Vivo [2012] meticulously, interspersing romanticism and irony [amusing the gags of the protagonist], and then alternating short monologues of the protagonist to the silences, interrupted by the beautiful and involving music by Francesco di Fortunato and Alessandro Sartini.
It is however the script that does not fully convince, in particular the dialogues between Armando and the girl. If, in fact, the simplicity of the jokes can be justified by the ingenuity of the protagonist, on the other he would have deserved more attention. Incanto Vivo is still a nice short, made with an excellent photograph, curated by Fortunato, which enhances the natural colors of the landscape and unleashes its brightness in the juggler scene at the traffic light, halfway between dream and reality. Bravo Roberto Tesconi, who with his acting contributes to give depth to the character of Armando, which manages to impersonate the nature already only with the movement of the eyes.

Source Gilda Signoretti for InGenere Cinema

Director: Luca Mazzara
Cast: Roberto Tesconi, Francesca Stizzo
Screen-play: Luca Mazzara
Year of production: 2012
Duration: 19'

The short took part in festival